Sunday, July 24, 2011

Attempt at a Sonnet

This was going to be for Faithwriters, topic: Crime and Punishment (not the book :)) but was under word count and I figured this was a good enough first attempt at a sonnet without further obsessing and tweaking on it.  So - put it here instead.  Try a sonnet - they're hard!  

Tormented by sin and a lust for this life
A burden is the price I pay for my crime.
Seeking pleasure for freedom, I find only strife.
And condemnation sentences me to never-ending time.
But, by the grace of the Victor, the punishment was paid
And the oppressor’s wicked gavel set down,
When on the cross at Getsemene, the Savior was laid
And I traded my chains for a gown.
My sin He took, when His life He gave,
And from bondage, I was delivered.
He silenced forever the threat of the grave
With the covenant and truth of His Word.
Though it was for my crime He was punished,
 For love’s sake, He declared, “It is finished.”

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