Monday, December 12, 2011

Old and New

Schmaltz, I want to call it but this is mere self-protection.
       Memories pose no threat but tears, and might those serve me cleansing.
Families flow as do tears and strength is formed through both.
So, I’ll name it clarity rather than sentimentality as I pave uncharted territories. Photos, mementos and recollections, these my map
                                            and treasure.
Let’s deck the halls this season,bravely,
                                               both with old and new. 

submitting at Jingle Poetry 


  1. hmm nice ending, pave with old and new, referring to memories I assume, real nice way of putting it :)
    enjoy gooseberry day!!!

  2. I like that: clarity rather than sentimentality. And, indeed, it is our memories that help to make this time of year special...memories of the past and those we are creating. Victoria

  3. incredible.

    remind you to join poets rally today. smiles.