Sunday, March 4, 2012


When I stand, presumptuous, where only
                                                         You can stand,
When I elevate with lofty thoughts, pluming, puffed up
                 and swollen,
                a fall is
                      imminent and humility, then, is mine.

When in gluttony, my greedy hands grab for much and I want for only pleasure and over-
                                                            fed, I’m sick, temperance, then, my medicine.

in idleness,
I begin to waste away my days with listless
wake me quickly. Restore my vigor, stir within me an eager love.

When the grass looks greener in the neighbor’s yard, call, then, on me to give away for my
                                   eyes are blind to what I have. 
                                                                    If less means more
                                                                                          of You, Lord, take away.
                                                                                                     Accord to me the gift of charity, only that I might share of You.
If my resentments choke and coax toward wrath, if righteous indignation becomes only
indignation and my heart burns
                                            sore, watering a bitter seed, revive in me, Your passion, which is of love.
Woo me back to patience, to long-suffering, to Your heart. 
                     Teach me, then, of letting go,
                                                forgiveness, which You’ve freely granted me.
Quiet any petty rage and lift me up above my human stirrings. 
Govern my mind
and quiet my heart.
Subdue me like a chastened child.

Turn me quick away from lust, that pure, I will see You.
Deliver me from evil.  Incline my ears to hear Your word and not the calls of this world.
                                                       Take from me the foolish fancy for glimmering false
promises, illusions of water when You are the living water.
Fill my cup and let my heart
                       thirst for only more of You. 
                                       Let me yearn and burn for Your fire, crave Your delicacies.
Keep me chaste while I wait adorned in white for the day I see Your face.

with Jingle Poetry

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  1. An amazing poem. An amazing prayer. So detailed.