Sunday, December 2, 2012

A sometimes silence

So, if
     I gather them in the hammock of my honesty, and we swing softly
           the hymns of tales told in truth,
would that be alright?
If the messes gather during
                              day while a sometimes silence
                                       interrupts the
                                         more often heard tattletaling, marking its
                                                                            insignia with a lead stroke of drawing and I take
                                                                                            the time,
while it visits, to pen as well, imaginings of evenings of explanations and understandings, the brood, seated in a circle, while I bring You in?  Forlorn without them, I miss them while they're here because the sand drips
faster than ever,
 forks are forming,
frost is coming
and I don't want to
find it gone.
       The clash of age hangs in the balance, hewn on the
          heart of the home.
Manic Mondays
play relentlessly and I remember in a Sunday the peace we knew before. If you fuse this prayer with grace and new mercies, we can make it. Drive desire in, and give me calloused knees to kneel on, so that I won't
                  waste this time.
                    Affair alarms
                    a signal, the chores wax but I wait and still,
 find comfort in the story of a woman of desire,
wonder if she had children, if You knew their names and I know you did.

The Sunday Whirl


  1. That is a very pretty poem and I love the format, Nicole.


  2. gorgeous. I love this piece. it drew me in and held me there - thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you flaubert and Mama Pajama!

  4. This is quite simply magnificent - the words, the phrasing, the way it looks upon the page. I think the only thing that would give me more pleasure would be to hear you read it aloud - the words are such that to hear them roll off your tongue would be something else, I can tell. I am nearing the end of my reading and wearying but am so glad I didn't quit before I read this. Truly.

    1. This is the most beautiful compliment I've received on my work. Thank you very much.

  5. This is gorgeous, Nicole. I love your writing. Your word choice, and the way you combine them into phrases is beautiful. Brava! Glad to have you at the Whirl...