Friday, May 17, 2013

the way

Come with me, I said,
because you did not know the way.
                     I know a transcendental
.  Listen,
                                                                   I said, because life is
                                                                      short and time is sweet

but you would not take my hand
it hurt me to watch you wither so.
                                              So, I relented,
turned the way I knew,
how I was shown.
Mea Culpa. No, Mea Culpa.,
                  No, it does not matter
it never did.  Take my hand, you said, come with me,
I know the way.
But instead, I
         went the
          way I knew, the way of law and penitence.
  And in valley, low and barren, like a relict weeps with
           tears, profuse, I shed
story after story,
and in my mind,
began to write the
 where we,
the noble fated pair had lost our
spilling words to soil till at last there
         grew renewal
                           and I heard a voice say, come with me.

The story's long and over now and
                                           who said what and
It does not matter.
 The way is calling.

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