Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am waking to
                     the flames.
                             and fill me.
                                         My knees shake.
                                                       Stirred by beauty,
                                                                            ablaze to love.
I can feel it rising,
                                                sung in unison and I can't be still.
                                                         I am dizzied, drunk
by the grappling between what I want and what I fear,
                                but release is welling up and I am warming to the call, the splendor of all You are.
                                                      Wash these feet of clay so they might run.
                                                       Won over by
                                                                           Your goodness, I waver less and less;
                                                                           Your love, immeasurable.
Give me voice and words,
Draw me close.
in sheets, a purifying rain - renewal.
                                                   Woo me with in an unrelenting romance because I believe
and I am done with safe.
            I have stood long at
                                          the edge,
yearning for the courage, testing depth with pebbles thrown in plea.

me brave enough
to say
        Your name.
My knees shake
but no longer, in trepidation
                                     and my heart confesses truth of
Bend me to Your will.
   Erode my own.

The Sunday Whirl


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  1. I am done with safe...love this line. Like the courage you have written about.