Thursday, September 4, 2014

These Things

A dream
is a poem
is a dream.  Obscure.  I am picking it apart
for clarity, piecing back as best I can, the glimpses,
fragile, lightweight half-truths that they are
and I am considering letting them drop.
                                  Letting them go.
(Though they shine)

I do not want to write you this.
I do not want to write one more poem for you.
I cannot avoid this.  I cannot mature
past this
     this dream.

You have just brought me a cup of coffee−
are the sweet thing
you do.  You ask if there is anything else
you can do, lightly touching my back, leaning
to kiss me.  These things
that I’ve interpreted as love− as if love
is a formula to be expressed by specific
But nothing is this simple.

You have left me with my coffee and my pen
to write.  Do you guess that I will write of you? 
My hands are bleeding.
As for the rest of me− what will
become of it now?  What
will  I look like
in the mirror anymore, I wonder.

We only ever saw the stars
                      so dazzling,
the one night.  Remember?  Even though
every night, I look up.  I said that night
that we were missing all the good stuff.
I don’t know what I meant.  These− all−
are just fragments.  Our foreheads touching,
unaware someone was taking a photo. 
Were you asking if there was anything I needed?
Did I fall asleep with vision of that moment?
Just that one.  That one and ones like it
and build dreams
to carry me through
the waking?  What will I do now?  Everyone
else was looking at the camera but all I saw
was you.


  1. I wish you would publish a book so I can have all your poetry at my fingertips. There is so much truth about life and people and relationships in this. I thought I was reading about myself in much of it. And, I love your style which has a delicate simplicity and straightforwardness.

  2. Thank you so much. I wish I had a poetry book published, too. ;)

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