Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love is determination

Love is determination.
                         Nothing more, nothing less.
I have determined.
           It's neither lofty
                nor unattainable. Not
gooey, grand.
I'd say it's work but
            that's cliche and love hates cliche.
                       It's choice, gleaning, grit.
Sheer but strong.
It's overthought and underdone,
                        a battle.
noble, gentle and hardly touched,
 present ever,
                         rising at night with crying babe, toiling in menial tasks.
                           It gives when emptied,
 found in silence, best.
Rare, delicate, less exciting than one would guess.
             intention, earnest,
patient when ill expressed, laborious but not impossible,
                    It will wake you in the dark,
drive you to your knees, not grouped with green but
Crimson compliments, creating
violet and
             gambols less like
butterflies than settles
 heavy as lead.  If this be not
    the case, then love,
I know it not.
        Worn often by lesser creatures, attired
                                                             in shabby rags.
                                                            It growls in a mother bear,
stupefying, warm as
                                                                        sun,  For a man, I've known it once and grappled with its terms.
Now, not laid to rest but
found in different form,
 I surrender,
 put down my thought with pen.

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