Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Need

Gray suits me and I need you, baby.
             These days of sun
waken me
   and I find myself in need.
                       I want to
bask in sweet nothings and talk for hours,
                            hear your voice.
                                              I've had enough of Shakespeare's sonnets,
Eliot's enigmas. I'm craving simple, lounging dawn-to-dark with television, treats.
   I'm weak.
        Weak without
and I need you, baby.
The commonplace, I long for, long nights at your place,
I'm falling short of words, not a thing to say.
I'm light and easy, healthy, waiting on your laugh,
                                                              relishing, enraptured by your
captivating superfluity,
                 silenced by your
flourished speech, patiently I'm missing you, desire dilating.
      I want to
              take a back road,
get lost in your gaze, marry in the morn.
             I've had enough of me.  I need some more of you.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

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