Monday, June 3, 2013

Hell To Pay

We all sought gold,
           sifted through what
       all was fertile.
                      And in the
                           human landscape waste,
                                  saw vision; a breeding ground of yielding hearts
                   and temptation of possession.

Now ransacked and
                        disconnected, empathy's closed up shop,
                                                                          disfigured gift with barbed
                                                                                                      wire fencing.
                                                                                                       And by greed masking as need, demand with no
we've peddled what was not for sale, we've corrupted soul, wasted
                                                 season upon
                                                 season of
plenty, soaked up scandal while the
flesh of earth thirsted and now our efforts of restoration,
We, the horror that we imagine.  All signals
                          of range and in haste to slacken
                                   guilt, we say we have
no idea what caused the shift, the current
      degradation, and we're wilting,
                 anchored to denial.  The heat prickles, peeling
                         off every layer of reason,
promising ruin.
                                                                        There will be hell to pay.

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