Friday, April 25, 2014


But what is the use of that?

                            So, there is a bit of a detour.
                                  The way the sciences return to life
via the scenic route

What makes this a Poem of Knowledge?  Why do we write-
                                          fill in these blank spaces?
                                  For power? Insight?  

And could it be that sorrow persists
longer than knowledge, longer than wisdom,
and certainly longer than Stuff?

                                 It conquered time and distance.  And of course,
bewitchment suggests discomfort.

       The obvious answer is we write
        to communicate. 

        The balance of writer
                 and readers has changed. 

We are not the hard gem-like flame but the smudge glass
which happens to contain it.

Wojahn, David. “Not Releasing The Genie:  On The Poetry of Stuff vs. The Poetry of Knowledge.”  The Writer’s Chronicle.  May 2014. 49-50. Print.
Proulx, Annie.  “Why Do We Write?”  The Writer’s Chronicle.  May 2014.  60-65.  Print.

(italics mine)


  1. Hi there!

    I like the conversational tone to this and those last two lines? Gorgeous, both the original words and the way you use them.