Sunday, November 20, 2011

When you don't know
where your story's going
because you don't know where
             your life is going.....

             Keep going.
                               Go with the
flow or go against the grain
but, go.

There is healing in movement.
                             Move loudly in protest
                                or move slowly in silence
but be
moved.  To tears,
             to action,
             to goodness,
             and on toward necessary change.

You worry
you're wandering.
but steps mean trust and the path is hidden only from your weak eyes.
      Strain, seek.  It will one day be made plain.


  1. a wise friend of ours once can't steer a standing keep moving and while moving decide which direction to go..moving and being moved, trusting..sums it up nicely..

  2. nice...i like the structure of this...and agree as well with the thesis that movement is often the answer and in it find healing...and the essence of faith in it...

  3. I really like this:

    "There is healing in movement.
    Move loudly in protest
    or move slowly in silence"

  4. wow - the last stanza hits me hard. takes a lot of Faith to move in a direction which we cannot see clearly. I like the hope of it one day being made plain :)

  5. movement involves many emotions and changes.

    lovely entry, very creative format.

  6. your poem is featured at our poetry picnic week 15 today,

    we will place your blog link to honor roll,


  7. I don't know how I missed this, it's a beautiful ode to life, a difficult journey sometime but each step brings us somewhere even when we don't see something in the distance.

  8. This is beautiful! "Steps mean trust" and looking at how it is layed out, suggests to me wandering steps. ~Frances