Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book Excerpt–suggestions welcome. :)

After Marcy begrudgingly took their orders Keith asked, “What was that last thing you said?” Oh, yeah. My story. Hmm. It’s really not that interesting. You go first.”
Jess snorted. “I guarantee, yours is more interesting than mine. I’m just a small town girl. Born and raised here. I work at the book store, I’m in school… yeah, that’s about it.”

Keith looked at her, analyzing, for a moment before responding. “I’m sure that’s not it. I have a feeling there’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.”

He sipped his coffee and went on, “Me. Let’s see. I was raised in a small town, too. Not quite this small but still small. And I like small towns. I really do, but I needed a change from the one I was in. A change of scenery. Change of people, maybe.”
His eyes gave Jess the impression that this was a new reflection he was revealing.
“I think I’m going to like it here. Especially if everyone’s as nice as you…” Keith trailed off, giving Jess the chance to respond.

Even though she found that last statement sort-of a creepy, she understood that it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe Keith wasn’t quite as smooth as he first appeared. Jess bit her lower lip and looked down slightly. What was she supposed to say? “They’re all pretty nice. Good people. You know. But then again I don’t have anyone to compare them with”.

Keith laughed as though he understood. They chitchatted through his meal and her dessert, relaxed by the time Marcy put the check down. Keith snatched for it. Jess reached down for her purse but Keith said, “I got it,” she complied. It was just a piece of pie and maybe this was a date. She felt unfamiliarly, risky and elated, like she was about to board a roller coaster and she was up for the ride.

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