Saturday, December 14, 2013


adventures are a funny thing
My prince, my knight,
              enough to find
riding in to save the day.
like I found you
I the damsel in distress,
           and now every day is an adventure
not knowing I needed you to stay,
us being us
and you refused to leave,
in our mess
and facing fire

sword in hand, dragon to slay.
                 and chaos
I stood far but still near
wed and woven
not quite sure who was more dangerous-
full family
in the fun
man with sword or beast
of cooking
of lies,
favorite dishes
scorching hot.  But the prince always wins
decorating for the holidays
           the battle, and so the princess.
             hiding sometimes from the allthetime
And I was the fire armed with words
riding the waves
making up the stories and the fairy tales and the horrors
I found us in you a funny thing                
but you did your job so I let down my hair or was swept onto your trusty steed 
and we rode off into the sunset
Imaginary garden with real toads


  1. Passionate and romantic laced with romances realities and nuances. A great platform for desire and second guessing, it all comes down to the sweeping regardless of the mode of transportation...great work!