Friday, January 31, 2014

There is peace, even in the middle blue of daisies,
                  and they still know how to dance.
They breed
creeds as varied as their delicate, complex steps.
Believe in breeze of day as well as death of night.
Dressed in every shade,
their feet feel the moves
                    like a boy feels out a girl's desires.
My center bends for you this way,
       caves to your lead.

You found me motionless
under a heat-sapped memory,
blind to
         the eye
of dawn,
moored in taunt of moon,
until you rescued me.
You hung me upside down to dry,
and then pressed me to preserve.

I waited,

I thought you meant to kill me,
                                         lock me in a memory,
box me away
in the rear of your mind,
twirling ballerina with bloody feet
             beautiful, mermaid, shored
clipped winged angel
                       drowning in the dunes of lies that once I promised you something,
cage me behind some rickety purity


but you did not forget

I was only seed clay covered
guppy child child, loverless
feathered, unpaired, hovering


but you knew you could fix me
breathe me back to life
that I needed you to swim and dance and fly

my toes slant
and my arms bloom
                       like anemones

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