Monday, January 20, 2014

You Will

              you will sigh and wonder why
               or how
you let me go. 

Like a conjured spirit, the image of my face will
curl before you, rise like smoke and then
twisting in the netting of your own remorse,

I will carry you back to that night.

you will see               my rose tinged tears
the stain                     on my cheeks

You will hear my sobs.

not sweetness, not the saccharine
tint in my veins or my kiss

And I will carry
you back to that day.

The day
you won me,
dumbstruck at your own luck

but you were fearless, as was I
bewitched by allure of knowledge

and we feasted
            the tantalizing
of lies

and my                   captivating beauty
and my scent so cloying, you began
to draft me,  ill-defined
                                                          in the story in your mind

but looking back, you will wonder
how or why
                                                    you had me when you had me
so wrong    

and the truth
will haunt you       

You will know that I was native


pressed in frost to

 disjoined of
 my delight

So now,
I will nest inside your intellect,


vantage point

I will canter through your thoughts
and bend throughout your marrow

You will
       wear my contours in your age

and collect like trinkets every recollection
Dashing, Casanova, you will wish you’d let me


You’ll wish you’d run.

The Sunday Whirl



  1. I love your first verse. It catches your attention . Nice write.

  2. Love "the tantalizing twine of lies"... An interesting spin on chains and links.

  3. the structure adds reading interest; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  4. Love this in its entirety, and especially this...

    I will canter through your thoughts
    and bend throughout your marrow