Monday, May 14, 2012

  Dear Jesus, Who am I, God?  Woman, thou art
loosed!  Words of love, between you and I, “Intimacy, East of Eden.”  The language of
      go, the secret language of dreams:  absolute surrender,  an invitation to friendship,
                                               day by day.  The sacred
                               romance. Love-in the time
                                                of cholera

From the prompt at rhymes with tao (which I did not submit because I could not find the cord to my camera!)

I had the kids do it too and I think theirs are better.  

Here's Annika's (7):

I see a picnic
and how my mom stole
the lightning and 
lady with man,
oh, he and she 
and I see my math book.
Now that's
something I don't want 
to see!

And True's (10):

the first
   2 forever.

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