Saturday, May 5, 2012

I had a dream where the world, I saw as though
                                             through a window, the glass clear,  
                                the scenes not but rather air drawn and I sat, stared
                                                                 and figured what it meant, what
                                                                                                       they meant to
                                                                                                                 me and to
other, these stick like figures, moving.  And I dreamt I was awake
                                                                                    and they were not,
                                                                                 though they 
moved rapidly and I was
                                   still.  Briskly, they seemed to bustle in and out of
                                                                                                        one another’s

lives….and business.  Births and deaths, as though all in mere moments. 

                A blurred display or show of young and old
   alike carried on and the players detected me not.
       Indeed, I
know not if
                    I existed as the seasons threaded through
                             this one short night.  And I wondered if I
                                                  to join them but could not grasp their
                                                                                                                    purpose or
apprehend what I might add so I continued only watch.  The mundane
appeared as fascinating as a
horror show and the grotesque only perplexing, as I felt safe within
my room. 

And soon, it came that perhaps I ought
                                            to leave, return to bed and them but I could not
                                                   avert my gaze.  Hours, or at least it felt as
                                                                                               such, passed, but years
outside the window and finally, my eyes began to droop.  I had almost
       succumbed when a startling vision struck them open wide again.
                                                            It was nothing and everything.  A man
                                                                who walked
among them, humble in appearance but more vivid than all the rest.  I
                                                                  rubbed my eyes.  His dress, plain but
                                                                                                      his lines,
                                                                                                        stark and his
movement, mesmerizing.  I had a sudden urge to leap from where I
                                 perched and join him, for he seemed to be searching         
yet unseen by all. Often, he would lean close to one and appear
                                         to whisper into a wanderer’s ear but
                                        the stroller would stroll along without pause or
flicker.  My heart ached as
   I watched this
                               scene play out again and
                                                                again until at last someone stopped
                                                                and turned . 
                                                                       This someone,
                                                                                       man or woman, I could not
  looked at the
stranger but it was
      as though try
     as they might, could not perceive him.  I wanted, then
          to shout, “He’s right there!”
before I could, I awoke, regrettably, in my bed, turned my head and
                                             gazed out the window.

Carry on Tuesday 

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