Thursday, March 21, 2013


I've never escaped the middle, though I've fought my entire life.

                                               They speak of my beauty, my 'spirit' -
fiery, my mother calls it -
but of my pain,
   they restrain.
      touch it, nor understand it,
                                  so stuck
                                      as I am here in between
                                       and close,
they stay away from certain mysteries.
                                                        I had a choice, so would I- but I own it.
Pretty as a
, they say, the ones like me on either side,
                    sincere, I fear,
but maybe I can't quite comprehend their actualities either.

         A doll, I'm told,
so I bat my eyelashes - work it while it works,
until the rage
                    is more than I can bear,
and crowded,
I try and push my way into existence of name.

                   Screams are silent since
                                       I've settled, but
form still - voiceless.
And yet, love, I know, so, though still fixed in destined order,
                                        I've found my proper frame.



  1. the breaking free of what others dictate to be...i like also how you describe the way to get there... think sometimes it's difficult for people to handle our weaknesses and so they focus on what they see or want to see.. great on finding the proper frame..

  2. work it while it works,
    until the rage
    is more than I can bear,
    and crowded,
    I try and push my way into existence of name. pulls us into the tension and frustration, and batting your lashes cause you are told that is who you are as well....well it could be a doll...or it could be a person as it much nicole...

  3. I like how you have personified the doll with attitude. Great formatting here, too.

  4. We all need to find our own niche in life. Like how you have taken this and given it your own touch. Commenting from dVerse.

  5. There's a depth of feeling here that contrasts nicely with the cosmetic surface of the doll. You've sent my mind adrift wondering about the pain. A well executed central metaphor and response to the prompt.

  6. A doll - or a living woman trying to escape from other people's expectations of who she 'should' be? Either way, this is strong writing.