Saturday, September 17, 2011


Slippery and wet,
Furious yet
At the perceived indignity of birth.

Soon, wails die,
You’re resigned to sigh,
As I whisper to you of your worth

And I’ve waited so long,
To hear the song
That I know your life will compose

Only your arrival,
That cry of survival,
Could inspire such glorious prose

But for now just rest,
Knowing the best
Days, are so well before you

I will hold you tight,
And if I have to - fight
To give you all that’s true

For there were months I prayed
Fearing you’d fade
Before you came to be

But I held on to hope,
And He helped me cope
And now through you, it’s Him I see

Only His glory,
Could weave such a story
Of miraculously answered prayer

That’s why now,
I kneel and bow
And place you back in his care

He sent you to me,
And now I can see
Life holds no more meaning than this:

That you are His child
But mine for a while
So I promise, not a moment, I’ll miss

1 comment:

  1. WOW! I love this!
    Very moving and takes me back to the births of my two kids.