Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Story

Written for my teenage niece:

The story is of old.
 Boy meets girl.
Girl gets hurt.
Life goes on.
The story is of old.
The plot
 Albeit, thickening,
Thinning by reader’s interpretation, culture’s translation,
                                      Still passing down like a sin
Generation to generation.

It is read, heard, told, seen, felt, and witnessed.

Tellers and listeners alike, each character,
                Author, villain, hero—all have sought
                     to change its ending but though
                     the setting, the circumstances,  these, may alter, nevertheless, the denouement wavers not.                                          

He said, she said,
His fault, her fault,
He hungered, she denied,
She thirsted, he fought,
He didn’t fight, she cried
He died, never though to self.

And the villain slithers away, unperceived.

If you know this story,
Do Dive in.  Absorb, experience, turn the pages, listen attentively to
                                                                  the words.

Are you brave or wise enough to try
and end it?

It is a mystery, a romance, a comedy, a drama, a tragedy but never a farce.

One said,
one wanted,
one fought ,
one cried,
one died. 

He is the True Hero.
He is not a boy.
He is a lover.
He became a man.
He was and is
the beginning
and the end.

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