Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Will

All girls long for little luxuries,
                             for flower feasts,
                             for deep bliss submersion.

So darling, though they bloom
 not as beautiful as you,
                   I will bring you roses, I will draw your bath.
                   I will paint your childhood with love, colors, vibrant, as best I can
                                                                           and your story, I'll pen with belles-lettres,
                                                                                                         while I'm able.

And when fully blossomed and in love
                                 my prayer will be that he, too,
                                                  will often bring you roses.

Submission for Thursday's Poet Rally, sepia scenes, feeling beachie

Black and White Wednesday

and then, she {snapped}


  1. What a sweet poem! And what a lucky little girl. :-)

  2. thoughtful love for her,
    best wishes...

    love the sentiments expressed here.

  3. A little girl is so special - ours may be 22 and a college graduate, and is special but even sweeter when she was little. So, yours is a beauty and she no doubt appreciates the styling attention as she grows. So nice!

  4. Oh, this is beautiful. Our little girls are always our little girls no matter the age. xoXox

  5. I enjoyed the kindness and innocence in this poem. It was very loving. Great work.

  6. wow that was a beautiful poem, and the picturse lovely.... What a pretty and lucky little girl!

  7. beautiful.

  8. So beautiful, and I love how you de-saturated the photo.

  9. Beautiful...little girls are little for such a short time...

  10. this is such a sweet and loving poem and I too hope he will bring her roses

  11. Hello.
    If he loves her, he'll not only bring her roses, but endless love, laughter, smiles & hugs (smile).

    So sweet & thoughtful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Bashful Lady

  12. I thought this was simply amazing. As a girl and a mother of girls, I felt this one deeply. Thank you for the good write.

  13. sweet write! I have three boys so you have just given me a little "oh I could only hope" moment to attach myself to as have to threaten to hog tie them in the backyard and bathe them with the hose!

  14. amazing and beautiful.

    cute shots, smiles.

  15. Sweeeeet Mama! I really like this -- showing our little girls how should they be treated :)

  16. Awesome!

    Please come and take a look at some of the RUBIES at my page.

  17. This is just gorgeous, the photos and the poem. Very touching!

  18. you are such a gem,
    love your entry.

    prepare a free verse and join poets rally week 55 tomorrow.