Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's Hidden?/ Perfect Poem Award :)

"Poetry is concerned with using with abusing, with losing
with wanting, with denying with avoiding with adoring
with replacing the noun. It is doing that always
doing that, doing that and doing nothing but that.
Poetry is doing nothing but using losing refusing and
pleasing and betraying and caressing nouns. That is
what poetry does, that is what poetry has to do no
matter what kind of poetry it is. And there are a
great many kinds of poetry." -Gertrude Stein

Do you see the trees?  The forest, the scene?  
What's hidden within? 
Are you lost?

Whose lies do you believe?
Whose story do you cover?
Can you call it like it is?

Do we grow together?
Are we growing apart?
What's growing here?

I am the noun you replace
when you silence me. 
But it does not change who I am.

You and I are poetry.
You and I are stories.
Let me write my own. 

Yay! Thanks, Poetry Palace for the Perfect Poem Award.

I nominate emmett wheatfall for the next award.


  1. The last stanza ties the questions and ideas together strongly.

  2. you and I are poetry, wow.

    love the ideas.

  3. Someone once said, "Poets lie too much." Maybe, but it's our stock in trade. A good poem finds its own truth.

  4. Thepoetsquill, ah, yes, love the idea that a good poem finds its own truth.

  5. Sometimes it is so hard to let someone else write his or her story!

    My Contribution

  6. "Can you call it like it is?" is intriguing because it seems to ask a question about simile, as much as about the possibility of any fit between words and reality, and about the particular "you" that the poem addresses. Okay, this is me sounding academic!

  7. Kathy, I like being academically picked apart!

  8. Wonderful use of rhetorical question.

    Here is my entry:

  9. I love your last stanza I do believe you need to write your own so well done great poem

  10. The last two stanzas could well stand on their own, but the questions lead up to them nicely. I enjoyed this! *smile*

  11. A perfect way to end the poem, I really enjoyed this. I've also written a poem with the line, "you and I are poetry". It's safe to say yours is much better; you created the scene in a lovely way. I can relate.

  12. Well done, nice poetry here :)