Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Above the ruins

Above the ruins of the past, we
  build a monument of all we've learned.  Buried beneath
                              our wisdom,
                                    we've left decaying days.
                                                                       Sturdier than
                                                                         that slab gravel hope, our
intentions slant
but point.  We part the
sky in declaration and clouds pardon our insistence-clearing in absolvance.
Strong to weather, unmoved by either
   rain or rub.  Fragments of
formed the irrefrangible and the new has only risen from prior pain.  That which we,
ourselves, are made of.  The flooding gut of springtime
     saturated seeds,

painted grey our walls but not for
                              lack of
loveliness.  The mind's eye still
                             sees within, the
reeds, the palm grass prisms growing, waving on.
fossilized, we've split where weak
     scarred now with scales for strength, so
                            the future palpitates.

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  1. Lovely - you are such a talented poet!

    Anna :o]

    A selfish request - could you possibly create a 'follow by email' link as I often miss posts drifting through blogger dashboard?

    Would love it if you could!