Sunday, February 17, 2013


Why this
 every day?  Every way?  Everything. 
Why here and now, then and there?  An
                               addict for the edict, the
                                              regulation and the rules.  The squirm of sense.  The sound of the sometimes rhyme, the slant of the
 The purpose in procrastination or the procrastination in the purpose.  The loyal lines,
              elongated , eloquent. 
The education
                                                     in the
                                                             energy created,

Examples of exhortation.
 To wrangle with

 waste vanity,
watch it
         transform, stare it straight, and curve it into
                 something newer.  Progress requires patience to envision the
To hope but bend.
                              To exit into yesteryear, time and time again.  To experience precedent events. Unprecedented, too.
                                     Eradicate existing weeds and breed instead, a now enticement.  To
                                                             see again the
                                                                emerald waves where
                                                                        there are
                                                                            calls to ecstasy. To taste. To hide the human, the within, from the human, the without.
                    eclipse the rasp of expression which is mine.
                    Enhance the easy, evaluate

 I can say it with less but I don’t want to.
                 I don’t have to. 
                              Here I meld, entranced, benumbed.  Effortlessly, make evident
                                                          the healing,
the effects of expectation.
           Endeavor to take
                          off, to
                                  take in.  An essay on fate, engendering

Restore the mean, the lean, the state, the slate, redeem embodiment of exchange.  Hush the holler of hell but know it first, to
  emend and edit, melt not in the
  exile, in the sense of the surreal. Nor droop in the enervated slight thrill
                                   of the shrill.  Go ahead, go crazy, find solace in the breeze, gather harmony , create
                  ceremony of resonance. Embrocate with yellow, ecru, like peach exudation, like golden gashes,
                                                                                                                                                         gasping.  Exercise the elements,
ask what’s necessary, what’s present, what’s civilized. Then don’t.  Espy in dreams an empire of enchantment, endear to evolution of revolution, all that’s extraordinary, and magnetic.  Not entertain the masses but illuminate the
                       excellence of madness. Reproduce what’s clear, predict transparent

of there
 of here.
           Enthrall. Write it well.  Enjoin and cleave, then leave.

ABC Wednesday
TS Poetry - Inspired, "Why Poetry?"

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