Friday, February 15, 2013

Let's Leave

Life is too short to work so hard,
         so, let's kiss instead.
Make it a marvel.  Reveal
                 to me your secrets through your embrace. Weave a freckled flower through my hair.

Let's get lost in a diner, dance
               on a table, make
                            everybody look,
make everybody

               spend all our money up,
stay too long,
laugh too loud,
cause I don't
      to miss this.

Pardon my mess;
I'll forgive what you forgot.  Let's be
                          young and love the world today.
                                                                  Throw away
                                                                                    your list of sins and loss.  File them under the who-cares-anyway tab, and
let's find meaning in this moment, not worrying
                   about what's closing in;
search profundity in the seduction of a jukebox.

Your shape and my color, let's blend and spin and mix and match.
Get right out
               of the core of things, decode
by undressing our hearts, play house and nice for now.

Please, take off early.  Let's

Carry On Tuesdays
The Mag


  1. What a wonderful whimsical fluttering romantic piece! I loved it! Thanks so much for contributing your delightful poem to Carry On Tuesday

  2. Oh you have so accurately captured the moment - well done.

    Anna :o]

  3. The last lines of this poem really hit me where I live. I keep hoping that whoever the speaker is talking to took off work at that moment and swept her away (I heard this in a woman's voice.) There is yearning throughout, which I think you form emphasizes. Very nice.