Saturday, February 23, 2013

Layers of Whole

Maybe you tried
                  to make your way to me,
                  the road was slanted.

Maybe I was haunted,
 the sky
                  striped in grey warning,
scenery, shaming.
                                                                           Maybe, I'm Remorse you can't
                                                                                                                      Record says,
                                                                                                                                  straight twisted
like a strudel.  Who am I to vie or even wonder
you're changing daily?
It was a nice performance,
but you
           can't deny,
I'm empty now, abandoned, unsteady as Abele but filling out fast.  Do
                        you recognize me, overgrown, scored in shadows?  With
switch and the twitch in my gait?  The
  whole convoluted scheme, male by design, a low,
        long song
sounding war,
 but I'm cat-like sly,
purring, plotting,
calculating miles, while you mime care -
face painted
blank as white.
              What did you think?  You could
                                                       camp outside my door till you were
Well, I'm in
            my prime - it's time for you to worry it
 It flows
                                                  flying and hard now, so come in
                                                                              where it's warm, there's
                                                                                                 a footpath
                                                                                                   for you to follow, or steal away at
night, revenge the prize and
     highest price you'll pay.
Man is the reason and woman the rhyme and you
                                   wormed in and I roamed out.  If you could see me now,
                                                in my purple overcoat, bangles of bracelets, fitting in where
                                                 I didn't want
                                                          to -
it would be good for your head.  I can't make out your difference but your signature
                                                                                                                  scrawl gave away and
slandered how I handle
 my name.  Hung on your handwriting, who's gonna cave?  Soon, I'm
moving, the clouds absorbing sense and the air
       is bland.  We're at the wrap up now.  I am swollen, weighty, and departing.  Find me with your flame.

The Mag
Poetry Jam


  1. I like the way you have broken up the lines and start them in different places. Lots of vivid and unique images. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for participating at Poetry Jam.

  2. What did you think? You could
    camp outside my door till you were
    Well, I'm in
    my prime - it's time for you to worry it
    through. ...ha love that bit...and man the reason and woman the rhyme....great line that as well..dang bet he will be hurting now...smiles...again, love your structure...

  3. i like the sense of emptiness and abandonment

    Verification makes it really hard to comment, takes a few times sometimes. you'd probably get more comments if you turned it off. it took me a few times to get this right.

    1. Thanks, Zongrik. You're the second person to point that off. I turned it off.

  4. Thanks for participating in Poetry Jam. Really a unique poem. Loved the way you arranged the lines.

  5. Man is the reason and woman the rhyme and you
    wormed in and I roamed out.

    Can't say I follow this poem, but the imagery I get now and again is intriguing. The form, for ME, was too much, but I see others liked it.