Friday, February 22, 2013

Hay Sol

In a corner of my mind, in a
       corner of my life, the spotlight
 on squares of Spanish tile
where we
or should have.  I drew a picture of it once
 in the beginning
                                                                            but left
out morning
when I should not have.
 The result was a morbid sort of numbed
                                                                       beauty, charcoal dusty, making you believe I wasn't caught.
 I'd have cleaned that
floor, on hands and knees, a little housewife.  I''d have watched that damn movie a million
                                                                                                              more times for that.  The
blue long climb of the tub and the
                               heat of time wiping out days, the sparkle of the
backyard water and the laughter granted.  Breakfast cooking
               we woke
                  (eggs like eyes,
                       saying, rise and shine and your bloody marys, the color of the mulberry pops on our

and nothing much to do.
       One year my flight delayed and seems the
next year, my life delayed, but even though I missed it then,
                        I know it now.

The Music In It
Carry On Tuesday

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