Monday, February 11, 2013

What is and why

When all is
                  said and done,
poetry will remain. 

 When facts fail and hearts hunger,
poetry will prevail.  

When prose has broken all her promises and nothing’s left of news,
 poetry will awaken.  
She will shine in the measure of a man, whisper,
             words of wisdom,
                    sing songs of truth.
Value seen at last in verse, past madrigal revealed.  

 Rhyme is reason and is more.  

The muse of self
will leave, 
overtaken by eternal form. 

Love found in lyrics, and stretched sonnets of a story we thought we knew
 in the end,
create a home.  

Silence but for stanzas, the search begins and in finality of time, poetry will have her say.

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