Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've collected
                   dolls and spoons, thimbles, books, and
                                                   men like you.

I've collected thoughts to
recollect when collected dreams have failed.

I've collected flowers and presupposed power,
wills and wants.

I've collected art and verses, colored vases, bottles of wine.
I've made all things mine.

I've collected yearnings, and letters, confessions and sighs.

I've collected pride and prejudices,
                     piousness in the confines of journals and poetry brimming with pomp, anthologies of literature, archives of looks.

I've collected glances cast my way and all who've walked

I've collected locks to guard my heart.

I've collected valentines and sentiment, keys and answers, questions and demands.

I've collected tea cups and
                        antique dishes, wishes, hopes, inhibitions, failed promises and lies.

I've collected unwept tears
and emotions, unspoken,
motions and motives of every kind.

I've collected years and months of trying, plans and
 feathered, weathered freedoms., prayers, petitions, indulgences and guilt.

I've collected these for me,
for you,
 for times past and times to

I've collected nows and thens.

I've collected these and more, and I've collected
nothing that I'm keeping.


  1. *love* that ending. You really did so beautifully with the catalog technique (i personally struggled with it :)