Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Nerve fraying, killer of my resolve, unspooling strength. Achromatic, candy-
                                                        perfumed tonic snuffing out my will. This
               is dangerous. The blink of licking
heat, so quick consumed.
               I'm unable.  Unstable and unsteady here beneath your talent.  Suicide, this
                                      time.  In these doting hours,
                                       I'm well aware, confounded later.  Like
straight back out
                   of passages from her diary,
the alpha-girl's new addiction. This
               isn't good.  The wild wonder,
sparing moments, rare it's been and then told, golden.  Soon, I'll be sifting through debris of fractured disposition.
                                     But, oddly raw, unprecedented tragedy houses inside my stomach, though
drama and the drivel have never
                                                                        left me.  My
                                                                           twin's deceits
                                                                                   still haunt,still live,
gush indulgent, endless riches. Accompany me, then-
        innocence aside.  The war of blossoming begins to
                                                       shrug silver
petals of what I haven't yet said.
      Spring flaunts her crocheted motions, taunts what she knows of bittersweet promises but
                                                    this winter, I'm here among the perfect chill of captivation and the trademark point of wind descends.
      escalates as contradictions end.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads


  1. You have great use of space in this poem, with intriguing line breaks. The words fit seamlessly into the piece as a whole. I like Springs crocheted moments, among many other images.
    Thank you for participating on Real Toads.

  2. Surrealistic and cool...I love the placement and this line is probably my favorite:

    "The war of blossoming begins"

    excellent imagery throughout, Emma!!

    1. have the same blog design as Emma @ Real Toads as well. Sorry about calling you the wrong name, Nicole!

  3. The unprecedented tragedy houses line is fabulous....I could here the voice loud and clear, some great images and fantastic emotion. Loved it.

  4. I agree with Herotomost...Extraordinary piece!