Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I remember the moment

I remember the moment I knew you knew my heart,
 when finally I perceived the plainness of your phosphorescent shine,
                                                                          how till then,
                                                                                     disguised it; shoved it up my sleeve,
                                                                                                       thinking you wouldn't see .
made a maze, hard for you to follow - or so I thought. 
 But you packed up supplies and started trudging
                                            through bricked off conversation.  
You saw the end.

                                                                                            I was the one who 
                                                                                              was lost,
thinking it was all fun and  games.
                                                                                                                                   So, you waited, biding so much time while I traced meaning, lavished language
      and worried I wasn't able.  
Stone-blind to the
 In the business of creating the beau ideal,
                       I said too little.  I said too much.
But so much more
                                 than a well-wisher, you picked up my call.  
When did I fall?
                                                       It was a delightfully rangy plunge.
Maybe that day driving, talking miles, smiles, gabbling seeds.  Or when lights glittered in my house and I laughed.  Or when you were up for it
  and it was clear I couldn't lose, cause you were right there
             waiting for your turn.
Somewhere in the merrymaking and the 
       elsewhere fireworks, I met you where you were but the
                         first day of the
                                               end began and

 I knew, too.
  I needed quiet so you gave me calm.  I came with nothing but not too late because that night or day, that one is where I circled and where I write.


  1. "Somewhere in the merrymaking and the
    elsewhere fireworks, I met you where you were but the
    first day of the
    end began"


  2. "...bricked off conversations." Great visual pictures throughout this piece!

  3. That's just lovely, all the way through. I love how it turns and comes to the place that seems inevitable in the end.

  4. Wonderful job using the imagery of the stone and bricks throughout this piece!

  5. "I made a maze for you to follow - or so I thought."

    Loved this line.

  6. "the plainness of your phosphorescent shine"

    that is a wonderful bit of tension there.