Monday, January 21, 2013

Inside a motive within a moment,
                     three words, said, moving like they were.

Monopolizing no end of eye.
                                          spread lies
 and whisky, rumors. 
Fragments of fiction
become truth in times like these,
 and space closes in tight so lips give up fight.  Insecurity
                          imitates importance.
                                       shimmer, show.  This
                                          is how it’s done.  The method, the mind, the martyr. But believe it, unvarnished in the classified. 
Always unprecedented so therefore factual. 
                                                                 Fragrance thick with longing; it doesn’t matter what kind.  Allow,
it’s all they had to add, to aid and
     the world is long practiced at hands like these.  When the vapor clears and the vision
                                                              names another, refuse
                                                                                  to doubt
                                                                                  the prior, just looking skyward, see the bones and know that all things being equal,

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