Monday, January 7, 2013

To a Boy (About a Girl)

She's a contradiction,
 walking in,
                     in tattered jeans and heels, cross
                                        nestled safe between her cleavage and you want her.
Perfect makeup and ratty hair, she bums a cigarette,
 inhales the way you'd
like to.
Her hands
             shake, but her legs are strong and she's
                a girl who could
                                     do you in.  She knows it.
                                                     She doesn't blush but

sun hints and you see the blue in you enflaming.
She's tired and giddy, a black mountain breaking into bits,
                                  ballooning and
you're soaring high now
                             with her.

Her car's a mess but her life is perfect and soon your dreams are her's.
       and a
ways.  You're in
and she feeds
the poor
while she starves you.  Friendly with the lamb and familiar with the
you find her tongue-tied in the flesh.
Adorned in jewelry but fingers, bare, she lets you read her
                                                                                 heart.   Her red
lipstick cracks, and it's then,
     the tenebrous
                  rings begin to fade and
when her mascara runs, her mouth turns pink.
                    She worries during yoga, stressing
                            Coffee-her drug of choice, because
                                                                              she's addicted to caffeine and free of you. She'll
                                                                                                       cuss like a sailor then make you pray at dinner.  She's
waiting till she's married but in theory only, because she vowed,
                she would
 not wed.
Pure ice and soft flesh,
                                  she melts in different types
of fire.
And she's long gone but right here, weak descending and
                                   rising strong.
                                       She's begging and
refusing, a finished puzzle needing solving.
     She talks fast and listens
                               long but your words are slow and
                                            you cannot hear her.
                                            You found her where she wasn't hiding,
                                                                                    and now it's up to you.  She won't go looking.  She'll never tell you of her tears, in case you wonder and the only thing
                    that makes her mad
is silence.
You know she'll know long before you but she
                shakes her head
                   and smiles.
                         She's soothing
you with all she's got, saving venom for another
              and when
you finally get an earful of her
you'll lose
                          your voice.
She's walking in

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  1. this was an awesome read. beautiful descriptions!

    1. Thanks, Jenna. I had so much fun with this one.

  2. Wow! Loved it. Very multi dimensional writing (I could see it!)

    stopping by from the link up

  3. I think your description is really stellar here. You capture her contradictions and the way she draws people to her while keeping them at a distance she deems appropriate.

  4. I love the tension here -- you want to like her, but she's clearly flawed and possibly bad news. Loved this!

  5. These could be lyrics to a song somewhere...You paint such a lyrical picture of the layers of mystery in a person. Nice!