Sunday, January 6, 2013


Step into the fire and breathe.  Listen, Awake, sleepers from your sleep, and slumberers arise from your slumber!  Hear the still of the lion's roar. 
Venture within.  Stop to practice.  This
                  is the way; walk
                  it.  Subdue the flesh, in quiet.  Nest here, 
                            beneath the ray of clarity, away from the tumult of mind, the mire of the bitter roots that strangle.
                                                                                              The uncertainty, unrest, behind,
 here, you find a new
                                                                                                                                      sort of giddy.  Here, the vacancy is full,
in presence.  More and more.  Visit often, let
your skin dive in; sink down past the
                  divide.  Craft discipline in solitude.  Arise
                                   and be satisfied.  It's for 
                                                     the asking.  In the impossibility of a kingdom, upside down, you will give yourself and not
know how or why.  The song moves you and you're enticed, inclined, called and
                              yielding, softer.  Crystal clear,
                                                    the circle
                                                           closing in.  Clay and clean.  The faithful rise.  You were made for this.

The Sunday Whirl


  1. Very nice. The faithful rise. Quite moving. Thanks

  2. Food for thought... Cool post!