Monday, February 25, 2013


I had seen in part and that year
    after the snow had fallen,
then melted;
when in
        the dead of night,
        the draught like golden
                            I awoke and
                                    knew in full,
 the fragrance riding in with force
                                                                   against all aureate
My resignation came much later,
 stretching in shades,
 as my
sight improved.
      test the


I offered you a drink.
You indulged and
       returned to self.
In falsetto trill, you willed me gone,
climbed walls like vine, reveling in the
        sugared relish of hovering demise.
You left
                                                    me no choice.
Stories, incomprehensible, tainted vows,
and I
fell into a summer bliss.  I felt
         the revelation first, viewed
         the molting of your words,
 the nothing left, slithering
between the bloom.
The end
                      of secret

Write at the Merge


  1. Wow. So many images and feelings stirred in this piece. I'm not sure if I totally get it ... but I like it! Well done.

  2. I could never write like this and still come up with something so comprehensible. Well done!

  3. This has very discriptive imagery. Very interesting.

  4. "slithering between the bloom" brought shivers. There's something so dark about that line that made me aware that what was between them is truly gone.

  5. "My resignation came much later,
    stretching in shades,
    as my
    sight improved."

    resignation stretching out the way eyesight does as we experience the darkness... what a great comparison!

  6. Such beautiful language here; I particularly loved "fragrance riding in with force" and "sugared relish."

  7. I'm most fond of the end. The end of secret things. It reads like the title to a book, and so therefore, in all endings is a beginning. Well done!