Saturday, August 20, 2011


There is a bridge
                between you and me
                                      and I could come to you. 

But this chasm
             creates the need for the bridge 
                and it is
                  a long way down,
should I fall.

 Gazing down at
                        the depths,
I lose my breath
                   and my courage. 

  I hear you beckon. 

You prompt me to take that first step,
 You tell me to look only into your eyes
which shine so far across the distance.

 But what I really want
                is Your hand to grab me,
pull me across in one brief second. 

I don’t want to slowly, teetering walk this bridge.
 I don’t want
        this journey. 

I am too afraid.

And I know the valley below is my mind. 
A barren, endless, valley. 
Thorn bushes, jutted cliffs and desert.

and this space of land I sit on now,
far less glorious and beautiful than yours. 

Your space of land too, is vast, but is endless paradise. 

And I know too,
                    that your hands are already
they are the bridge. 
That they
   are that big. 

But it’s still
    the stepping,
it’s still
 the action. 
And I am woozy.

 So I close my eyes.
      I sit and wait until the situation changes.
 Maybe when I open them,
                      I will be across. 

Your arms are love,
         are sacrifice,
         are sturdy and ready to withstand all weight. 

Had I only courage,
             You’d be the strength. 

The air is still,
       it waits for my decision. 
         It holds its breath
                               as I gasp for mine. 

And then I run.
Keeping my eyes forward
              my body in a race against time.

 I don’t dare
 look down. 

I stay the course,
and run much longer than the bridge is.

 When at last I slow,
and my so too my heart beat,
I realize I ran much further than I needed. 

So now I turn. 
surveying what I’ve surpassed.

  The bridge now does not look so long,
the valley not so deep.

And your side is stunning.
 I don’t know what took me so long to come.  

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