Friday, August 12, 2011

Prompt: If you had the opportunity to throw a dream party for your closest family and friends, describe what that would look like.

A Christmas party.

 High on a hill, rests my house.  The biggest house in town.... this is how my dream goes as a child....

And every year, neighbors anticipate their invitations to the Christmas Party.  The invitations are written on fancyshmancy cards, penned in calligraphy, tied with gold ribbon announcing the annual black tie affair which everyone will speak of for months after.

The women will all buy new dresses.  They will be gorgeous dresses but mine will be the most gorgeous.  Probably something velvet in deep forest green.  The men will be forced to wear tuxes.  The children will be shined up and they too will come to the party.

The snow will lightly fall on the evening of.  Women will spend hours on their makeup and hair.

I open the huge front door, smiling, bustling, taking coats, offering cocktails.

We mingle.  We dance in the ballroom.

 The ballroom with chandeliers and black and white tile floors.  The children dash around, up and down the winding stair case, in an out of the library.

Maybe we venture outside in the cold to the gazebo where lights are strung about.  There is laughter and gaiety and no one wants the night to end.  It is a fairy tale here.  Tomorrow will be back to routine.  So people linger long into the evening, conversing.  The men begin their talk of politics, the women of fashion.

The kids then ring a small bell.  Their eyes are beginning to droop but there is too much excitement and besides the play is about to begin.  They are the cast.  It will be a classic Christmas story; "A Christmas Carol", "The Velveteen Rabbit", some beloved children's tale and the adults will ooh and aah, the mothers will put their hands to their mouths taken by the sheer talent their children possess and the fathers will chuckle proudly.

Finally, finally, the night must come to an end for it is now the wee hours.  Children can no longer fight their sleepiness.  The daddies carry them to the running cars and the women stall with long goodbyes.

When at last everyone is at home in their own beds, they will dream about the wonderful evening they had.

They can not wait for next year.

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  1. Aww please can I come? :) xx great post, so visual. (visiting from mama kats)