Monday, August 15, 2011

I want
     To go back to eleven before I was marred,
learned that no man was pure,
only a lure toward a cure, false by its very nature
for sure.

In the before,
you were a friend, nothing to mend,
just a trust before the lust made me pay, stole me away to a boy, not a man. 

To him, I ran,
 made a choice for a voice I could hear that was near,
 or so I thought.
And you,
 I fought,
                Took on shame, forgot my name,
for a touch
wasn’t much and You disappeared as I feared. 

I miss our walks, our talks, Your embracing love that came from above.

My dress is torn, my heart forlorn.  Can you take me back with all I lack, wash me clean, show me I’m seen
   now the Eyes of grace,
reflect a shining face,
 a new countenance, a chance to dance where all is new and all
          Is True, and the water pours and my heart soars and again
          It longs
for only Your Songs to right my wrongs?  To rest in the best with You
 never lonely, made pure with the only cure that is sure.

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